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Science and Geography Internship

£125 – part-time course requiring approximately 40 hours to complete

Students choose from a selection of projects they wish to work on, including Caribbean coral reefs and their fish communities and spider monkey behaviour. They will then complete five components designed to support them through the entire research process, from project conception and data collection, to data analysis and science communication, producing a final scientific report that would be ideal as an independent research project towards their broader studies and which could also be used for IB Internal Assessments or as the start of an Extended essay or EPQ. Our programme will include introductions to computer coding in R, GIS and the production of maps, and statistical analysis of data, which are transferable skills that would look great on any students’ CV and university application.

This internship would suit students with an interest in natural sciences and data analysis.

*Start dates

  • This course is part-time and can be completed over any timeframe that fits around a student’s other commitments – start date is completely flexible and can be agreed with our team after booking


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