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It's finally here — summer vacation! At least, for those in post-secondary. If you're still in high school, you've just got to hang in there a little longer. For those who are free at last, you might be thinking about summer jobs. International students in Canada can work as many hours as they like in the summer, so now's the time to make some cash.

Of course, you might already be thinking about September, grad school, or even getting your career started. To help, we're developing new career profiles. Check out the very first one, and its companion piece, on how to become a financial analyst. Love money? This could be the career for you.

Career Tips for International Students

Centennial College and Ten Thousand Coffees partnered to connect current students with alumni.

Summer in Canada for International Students: Studying, Working, and More

Options to consider for expanding your education through the summer break.

You Didn't Get Into Your Dream Program... Now What?

How Mount Royal's alternative entrance options can help get you where you want to go.

Five Questions — and Answers — About Living in Residence at University

Not sure what to expect if you choose to live in residence in university? Laurier answers all your questions on getting ready for residence.

Master of Nursing or Master of Science in Nursing: What's the Difference?

Interested in a career in nursing? Are you currently in a nursing profession but want to earn new skills? The University of Lethbridge has the program for you!

Upcoming Events

Scholarships for International Students

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