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The University of California Application for 2021-2022 cycle is now open

The UC Application is Open Students can now start their application for fall 2022, including entering personal information, self-reporting their courses and grades, and drafting their Personal Insight Questions (PIQs).

The application submission period begins on November 1, and the deadline is November 30.

As a reminder, the UC system does not participate in Early Action or Early Decision. Get a head start by logging in to My UC Application today

UC is “Test-Free”

Just a reminder that UC will not use SAT or ACT standardized test scores in any part of our application process. Any scores submitted through the UC application will be used after the admissions process for placement or subject credit. However, readers will not see the scores as a part of the review process. Subject exams such as the SAT subject or AP scores will be seen and can be used as “value added” in the application process, but are still not required. For more information, please visit our Freshman Policyand Application FAQ pages.

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