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Tuition Fees and Financial Aid at Sciences Po - less expensive than you might think

Financial difficulties should never be an obstacle to the academic success of talented students. That is why Sciences Po has established an ambitious and forward-thinking financial aid policy, unlike any other in the French higher education system.

In 2020, more than €11 million of Sciences Po’s funds went towards assisting our students via scholarships and financial aid. 36% of our students have received at least one kind of financial aid during the academic year 2020-21.

How much is tuition at Sciences Po?

For students whose family's fiscal residence is outside the European Economic Area

the 2021-22 tuition fees are:

  • €13,000 per year for the Undergraduate programmes

  • €18,000 per year for Graduate programmes

These fees are significantly lower than those charged at other major world universities: the cost of one year of tuition at American universities averages at €29,000 per year, €26,000 in the United Kingdom or Canada, and €21,000 at universities in Singapore.

Please note: Tuition fees for the 2022-23 intake will be known and available starting January 2022.

For all students whose family's fiscal residence falls inside the European Economic Area, tuition fees are calculated individually based on each student family's financial resources.

For the 2021-22 academic year, the sliding scale ranges from:

  • €0 to €13,000 per year for Undergraduate programmes

  • €0 to €18,000 per year for Graduate programmes

For example, for a two-parent family with two children:

  • Tuition exemptions apply for an annual income below 42K euros

  • The maximum tuition fee applies for an annual income of 285K or higher

With an annual income of 100K euros, tuition fees are €5,130 for Undergraduate programmes and €7,443 for Graduate programmes

As a result,

  • The average tuition fees for French and European students at Sciences Po amount to €5,130 for Undergraduate studies and €6,090 for Graduate studies;

  • 35% of our students pay no tuition fees at all

Numerous scholarships and financial aid

Thanks to the generous support of our partners in the public and private sector, Sciences Po also offers numerous scholarships to French, European and non-European students on the basis of academic excellence, and socio-economic background, making a substantial difference to the financial security of students in need. Our ambitious policy to recruit more lower-income and middle-income students will mean a financial effort to increase Sciences Po’s aid funds. These scholarships can take the form of a full or partial tuition fee exemption and, in certain cases, include a grant to cover living costs.

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