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Webinars from the Royal Society for Asian Affairs & SOAS

Annual Presentation for Senior School Students on ASIA

10th November 2021, CANCELLED

Unfortunately, the planned RSAA/SOAS London, Schools’ Day Presentation on Asia is CANCELLED due to Covid-19.

The RSAA has been running a series of webinars over the last few months

and they have selected “four of the best” for immediate viewing. They all last about an hour.

These and a video about SOAS are listed below and can be watched whenever convenient

Making the past serve the present: The Silk Road and China's quest for imperial rejuvenation

Eyck Freymann

Film making in Ladakh: Buddha of the Chadar and Passport Ladakh

Sean Whitaker

Explaining the enduring appeal of Recep Erdogan

Hannah Smith (author of Erdogan Rising) in conversation with Sir John Goulden (ex-ambassador to Turkey)

Is Britain really an Indo-Pacific Power?

Lord Peter Ricketts

The RSAA Secretary Michael Ryder introduces and chairs the webinars.

Other presentations can be found on the RSAA YouTube channel

The SOAS link is


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