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What's the Point of School? Oct 12 @ 14:15-15:00 BST | Taster Lecture

What’s the Point of School? With Dr Jenny Elliott From University of Nottingham

October 13 @ 14:15 - 15:00

Dr Jenny Elliott, BA Education Course Lead will engage students in this session with the chance to explore values. Students will delve into the reasons why they are at school, the values that drive schools, as well as their own personal values for education (including an interactive quiz).

This session will be interesting and useful for anyone who likes asking big questions about why things are the way they are, as well as for anyone studying sociology, history, politics, psychology and philosophy, or any wider subject areas.

Lecturer Profile (Please Click): Dr Jenny Elliott

Preparation/Pre-Reading: Students may wish to consider the topic and discuss some of the key elements in advance.

The IT Setup: The event will be run on Bluejeans and participants will be able to join using laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

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