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Architecture is a word with several different meanings. A general term to describe buildings and other physical structures, but also the art and science of designing buildings, and the design and method of construction.

Studying architecture will give you a thorough understanding and appreciation of the structures in which we live today, but also let you look to the future of design and how ideas can be made real and implemented.

Good to Know

Architecture is only taught as a Post-Graduate qualification in some countries. In almost all countries, Architects need to be registered with the professional body for architects in that country or region to be able to work as an Architect.
In countries where you can start Architecture as an undergraduate, you will need to continue to post graduate study to complete your qualification so the route to qualifying as an architect is very likely to be 5 years +
You should always check if the degree you are looking at is accredited by the appropriate professional body.

Universities Offering Degrees within


Institution Name
Campus Style
Institution Size
Education Model
Arts University Bournemouth
City Island Campus : One campus. Multiple disciplines. Unlimited possibilities
Small Institution <5000
Selective (25-50% admitted)
As a specialist creative arts university we want our students to be experts in their discipline and so we offer single subjects.
University of Bath
One main campus where all student facilities are based. It is 10 minutes on the bus from the City.
Large Institution 15,000-30,000
Highly Selective (10-25% admitted) Bath looks at applications holistically, looking carefully at personal statements.
All courses at University of Bath offer the opportunity of a professional placement or study abroad.
Cardiff University
City Campus
Very Large Institution >30,000
Selective (25-50% admitted)
We have 350 different courses in a wide range of subjects
Carleton University
City Island Campus
Large Institution 15,000-30,000
Selective (25-50% admitted)
Liberal Arts and Science (Major/minor Model), Researched Focused Institution, Teaching Focused Institution
University of Edinburgh
Scotland - UK
A mix of City and Island Campus in a City – with several subject-based campuses that are spread out across the city centre and surrounding areas.
Large Institution 15,000-30,000
Selective (25-50% admitted)
Single and joint honours degrees, often with the opportunity to study additional outside modules.
IE University
Madrid –City Campus Segovia –Suburban, historic & cultural campus
Medium Institution 5000-15,000
Selective (25-50% admitted)
Practical and personalised learning experience with internships and exchanges.
University of Kent
Our main campus is surrounded by beautiful woodlands and overlooks the charming city of Canterbury.
Large Institution 15,000-30,000
Somewhat Selective (50-75% admitted)
Our students are encouraged to become global citizens, think independently & develop original ideas
University of Lancaster
UK, Germany, Ghana
UK Rural Campus 15 minutes bus ride from the City centre of Lancaster. Ghana and Germany - City Campus
Medium Institution 5000-15,000
Selective (25-50% admitted)
We are one of the few universities to offer a major/minor system for the majority of our courses. This means that students will apply for a major subject through UCAS, then upon arrival choose an additional minor subject. Students will then study both of these subjects for their first year.
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Common Degree/ Major Names

Property Development and Planning
Quantity Surveying
Building Sciences
Architectural Engineering
Environmental Design
Landscape Architecture
Structural Engineering
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Useful Skills

Idea Visualisation
Practical (working with your hands)
Data Manipulation
Staying Motivated / Working Hard
Design Mindset
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