Chinese Studies

Chinese is a group of similar but often mutually exclusive languages spoken primarily in the Oriental nations of South and East Asia. Between 15–20% of the world's population speak Chinese as their first language.

The most common form, Standard Chinese, is the Beijing dialect of the Mandarin language. It is the official language of China, Taiwan and Singapore, and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.
Courses often offer a great insight into the Chinese nation, including business, economy, geography, history, language, law, politics, religion, media and culture.

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Universities Offering Degrees within Accounting and Finance

Institution Name
Campus Style
Institution Size
Education Model
An Example University
Give the reader a sense of what your campus is like
Give a sense of your education model - e.g. Liberal Arts, or Single Subject focused
American University
USA and 3 international AU Centers in Brussels Belgium, Nairobi Kenya, and Madrid Spain.
Island Campus in a City
Medium Institution
We are a college-centered research institution.
University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham is located in the heart of England with campuses in the Edgbaston and Selly Oak areas of the city of Birmingham.
Very Large Institution
Somewhat Selective
We offer Single Honours, Joint Honours and a Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree where you can combine subjects within majors, minors and electives.
Boston University
Residential campus in a city
Large Institution
Highly Selective
Subject focused, with a foundation in Liberal Arts. Students apply directly into their program of interest. They focus on their subject/major-specific courses beginning in their first semester, while also exploring other areas through Liberal Arts. Many students pursue more than one subject.
Bryn Mawr College
Suburban Campus
Small Institution
Liberal Arts and Sciences
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