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Economics explores the full spectrum of issues that impact on financial situations and decisions. From production to consumption, economics looks at how the world’s resources are used by and distributed among individuals and organizations.

The two major veins of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics looks at the behavior and interactions of individual agents, such as households, companies, buyers and sellers. Macroeconomics analyzes entire economies on a national or global scale, looking at issues such as unemployment, inflation, economic growth and monetary and fiscal policy.

Good to Know

Universities Offering Degrees within


Institution Name
Campus Style
Institution Size
Education Model
University of Bath
One main campus where all student facilities are based. It is 10 minutes on the bus from the City.
Large Institution 15,000-30,000
Highly Selective (10-25% admitted) Bath looks at applications holistically, looking carefully at personal statements.
All courses at University of Bath offer the opportunity of a professional placement or study abroad.
University of Birmingham
Our campus is just outside of the city centre of Birmingham, 7 minutes from our train station.
Very Large Institution >30,000
Selective (25-50% admitted)
We are a Russell Group university which hosts outstanding teaching and learning on campus.
Bocconi University
City Island Campus located close to the city center in a safe and vibrant area
Medium Institution 5000-15,000
Highly Selective (10-25% admitted)
Our programs provide ground-breaking and innovative course content through hands-on interaction
University of Bristol
Bristol's academic facilities are located in a defined campus area, separate to the accommodation.
Large Institution 15,000-30,000
Highly Selective (10-25% admitted)
Bristol's academic facilities are located in a defined campus area, separate to the accommodation.
Central European University (CEU)
City Island Campus - Tram stops and metro stations nearby. Many students bike to uni from the dormitory.
Small Institution <5000
Selective (25-50% admitted) - A panel of professors interview every finalist, and we admit roughly 25% of our applicants.
Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinary, Liberal Arts
Duke Kunshan University (DKU)
China with a semester in the United States
DKU is a new campus in Kunshan, a large city located near Shanghai and Suzhou.
Small Institution <5000
Highly Selective (10-25% admitted)
Unique, new mutli-disciplinary model that results in both a Duke (US) degree and DKU (China) degree.
EHL Hospitality Business School
Switzerland and Singapore
City Campus, City Island Campus, Suburban Campus
Small Institution <5000
Selective (25-50% admitted)
Single Focus Institution - A business school with a touch of hospitality, giving you great know-how and soft skills.
ESCP Business School
UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland
City Campus
Medium Institution 5000-15,000
Selective (25-50% admitted) but grades are as important to us as your extra-curriculars and international experience!
Business Management School
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Common Degree/ Major Names

Economic History
Global Affairs
Social and Political Sciences
Social Sciences
Global Challenges
Global Sustainable Development
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Useful Skills

Idea Visualisation
Programming / Coding
Data Manipulation
Staying Motivated / Working Hard
Aiming High
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