Digging deeper into subject interests can help you in a number of ways:

  • Confirm whether this is (or isn't) something you would be interested in enough to want to study it at university either as the focus of your degree or a minor/elective

  • Give you some inspiration to use when creating your questions and topics for IA's (coursework) and your Extended Essay

  • Provide you with content for your university application writing in the future, enabling you to reflect on the things you've been doing to explore your interests in a way that is academically relevant to the course or institution you are applying for.

Conversations with Neil's Brain: The Neural Nature of Thought & Language by Wukkuan H. Calvin and George A. Ojemann
Written by neurophysiologist William H. Calvin, Ph. D and Neurosurgeon and neurophysiologist George A. Ojemann, this book is available to download free of charge for personal use.
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Young Psychologist Programmes
Events | Conference
Gain an immersive experience of Psychology alongside top professionals. Choose below either our Young Psychologist Weekend or our Young Psychologist Summer Experience.
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Research from the University of Bristol
Journal Articles | Website
Explore cutting edge research from the different faculties and departments from the University of Bristol, including free access to their published journal articles.
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Online Course
Coursera is an online platform for distance learning. They have a range of free courses delivered by universities. Search in this section to find courses of interest to you, often these are courses you can follow at your own pace.
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Online Course
The X Series courses on the EdX platform are free online courses delivered by universities and aimed at helping you explore areas of interest.
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Online Course
FutureLearn is a free online platform where universities from around the globe host FREE online courses you can undertake in your areas of interest. Browse courses by categories or use the search bar to find courses relevant to your interests
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Oxford Martin School: Public Lectures and Seminars
Podcast | Recorded Lecture
Public Lectures and Seminars from the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. The Oxford Martin School brings together the best minds from different fields to tackle the most pressing issues of the 21st century.
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These videos bring you cutting-edge research from Oxford's graduate students on a wide range of topics - from climate change and colonialism, to microbiomes and mathematical logic. Each video offers an introduction to a new topic, plus lots of activities and further resources to explore. When you click on a topic, you will be asked a few questions and then you will be able to play the video you've chosen.
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The British Psychological Society
Website | Blog | Events | Journal
The British Psychological Society website is a great resource that includes resources to explore careers in psychology as well as exploring psychology as an academic subject. Scroll to the bottom of the home page to access their publications and see upcoming webinars. or click on news in the many to see both the news and their blogs.
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Website | Podcast | Blog | Video
The HE+ website has supercurricular resources created and written by Cambridge students and academics including challenging activities, engaging videos, reflective questions and much more.
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LIS Learning Hub
Website | Webinar | Recorded Lecture | Blog | Podcast
This is an open source area full of webinars, articles, videos, short reads, mini-lectures, podcasts and more from the London Interdiscipinary school.
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Springpod Virtual Work Experience
Work Experience
Virtual work experience Opportunities across a range of companies and sectors. Most of them are free.
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