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Amsterdam University College (AUC)

AUC is a small-scale Liberal Arts and Sciences college that combines a close community of motivated learners with the energy and resources of the global city of Amsterdam.

About the institution

Amsterdam University College (AUC) offers a liberal arts and sciences programme leading to a joint Bachelor’s (Honours) degree issued by the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. AUC is based on the American liberal arts and sciences model, with students living and studying together on an international campus located at Amsterdam Science Park. The programme is taught entirely in English, is small-scale and selective, and admits a maximum of 300 students each year based on their academic performance and motivation.

AUC is:
- A full-time, selective three-year honours programme in liberal arts and sciences at the Bachelor level, taught in English, with a strong offering in the sciences and enrolling up to 50% science majors
- An engaging academic and social context, supported by small class sizes, a residential college setting and state-of-the-art facilities.
- A centre of academic excellence with an international and intercultural focus, as well as outreach to the (local) community.
- A joint initiative of the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam, two major European research universities, located in the global city of Amsterdam.
- A welcoming community encouraging diversity and excellence, by, among other initiatives, offering scholarships through the AUC Scholarship Fund.

The AUC programme combines breadth of experience with depth of knowledge. A key aspect is tackling real-life problems and challenges facing today's world. From day one, you are expected to think about the 'Big Questions' in science and society and learn how to make a meaningful contribution to current debates. You can create your study programme around climate change, big data, gender equality, global health, artificial intelligence or another complex issue you're interested in. As today's students, but also tomorrow's leaders, you will have to be successful in both cooperating and competing at an international level.

AUC is an academic community in the best traditions of the liberal arts and sciences, actively oriented to the demands and challenges of the 21st century. You live and study on an international campus, follow a programme that creates new pathways spanning traditional disciplines and trains you to approach complex issues from different perspectives and academic fields of knowledge.


Number of Undergraduate Students


Average First Year Class Size


Size of Instituition

Small Institution <5000


Selective (25-50% admitted)

Campus Style

Dedicated academic building and student residences. Connected to UvA and VU campuses.

Education Model

Liberal Arts and Science (Major/minor Model)

Are there internship opportunities?

Yes - All students are required to complete an internship or community project (CPI).

Are there study abroad options?

Yes - Approximately 1/3 of students study abroad for one semester, in their second or third year.

Cost of Tuition

€ 12850 (non-EEA)
€ 4700 (Dutch & EEA)


The AUC Scholarship Fund offers partial and full scholarships for students with financial need. This requires a separate application.

IB Grade Requirements

IB diploma, maths requirement dependent on major

UFP Grade Requirements



World Top 100



Subject Name
Degree Area
Society & Social Sciences
Biological Sciences
Communication and Media Studies
English & Media
Creative Writing
English & Media
Society & Social Sciences
English Literature and/or Language
English & Media
Environmental Science
Society & Social Sciences
History of Art
Society & Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary Study of Global Challenges
Society & Social Sciences
International Relations
Society & Social Sciences
English & Media
Society & Social Sciences
Legal Studies/Pre-Law
Society & Social Sciences
Liberal Arts Only
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Medicine (Undergraduate)
Medicine & Healthcare
Modern Languages Mixed
Language & Culture
Natural Sciences
Philosophy Politics and Economics
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences
Medicine & Healthcare
Social Policy
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences

AUC Student Association

The AUC Student Association (AUCSA) is an integral part of the AUC campus and social life. They manage over 30 different committees that cover an incredibly wide range of extracurricular interests and organise events, excursions and festivities all year round.

Check them out at:

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