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Forward College

Make your studies a journey: Lisbon, Paris and Berlin

About the institution

Forward College is a Higher Education Institution designed for bright undergraduate students who wish to go beyond academic excellence.

Our students combine a Bachelor’s degree from the LSE or King’s College London with a fully international experience (3 years in 3 countries), real-life projects, and a personal development programme which will bolster their future professional life.

Students benefit from a personalised learning experience with small group teaching and one-on-one tutoring delivered by a world-class faculty. Forward Faculty applies an active learning approach. Having been largely validated by science, this approach aims to grow students’ autonomy. Forward’s classes (seminars and workshops) are not designed to deliver content but to help students answer difficult questions, solve problems in teams, debate or simulate real-life situations after they have explored the course material – individually and in teams.


Number of Undergraduate Students

Average First Year Class Size

~15 students per class!

Size of Instituition

Small Institution <5000


Selective (25-50% admitted)

Campus Style

City Campus - All our students switch campuses each year throughout their undergraduate.

Education Model

Single Subject Focus (Joint degrees available), Liberal Arts and Science (Major/minor Model), Teaching Focused Institution, Undergraduate Only Institution

Are there internship opportunities?

Yes - All our students take at least 1 internship as part of their degrees!

Are there study abroad options?

Yes - You will study in 3 different countries during your undergraduate studies!

Cost of Tuition

21,000 € / year


International Students - Need based scholarships + 0% interest loans
Home/Domestic Students - Need based scholarships + 0% interest loans

IB Grade Requirements

35-45 + subject specific grades

UFP Grade Requirements

On a case by case, consult us





Subject Name
Degree Area
Business and Management
Data Science
Computing & ICT
Society & Social Sciences
International Relations
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences

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