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New College of the Humanities

It’s cheesy but true: while studying at NCH, you become part of the NCH Family, forging genuine connections with other students as well as your teachers.

About the institution

New College of the Humanities is based in central London, and offers an exciting liberal arts inspired undergraduate curriculum. All students undertake their chosen degree alongside a broad humanities diploma, comprising Applied Ethics, Science Literacy and Critical Reasoning, and LAUNCH, our extensive professional skills development programme.
Our combined honours degrees typically comprise 75% of your degree studies in a chosen major, and 25% in your minor. We offer majors in Art History, Economics, English, History, Law, Philosophy and Politics & International Relations.

We also offer the single honours Law LLB, as well as the popular trio combinations of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and Philosophy, Politics and History (PPH).

NCH students benefit from one-to-one tutorials led by inspiring, experienced academics, as well as small, interactive tutorials and seminars.


Number of Undergraduate Students


Average Undergraduate Class Size

There are several types of classes you might encounter at NCH:
One-to-one tutorials are of course personal. But some courses are also taught via two-to-one or small group tutorials, with up to four students in a session. There are also seminars, which might be up to 15 students. The size of lectures depends on the popularity of a given module, and might be anywhere between 10-40. You would typically attend the NCH Diploma classes with your whole cohort, which varies year by year.

Size of Instituition

Small Institution <5000


Selective (25-50% admitted) - We use interviews as part of our admissions process

Campus Style

City Campus - We just moved to a brand new campus in Devon House, St Katherine Docks!

Education Model

We teach interdisciplinary humanities degrees inspired by the Liberal Arts model.

Are there internship opportunities?

No, but we strongly encourage our students to gain work experience while studying.

Are there study abroad options?

No - We are working hard to introduce study abroad opportunities in the future.

Cost of Tuition

Home: £9,250/year


Home: Scholarships and Bursaries available
International: Scholarships available

IB Grade Requirements

35 OR 6, 6, 5 in HL with an overall pass

UFP Grade Requirements

We do accept Foundation Year programmes. Each applicant at NCH is assessed on an individual basis through their application, a reference and personal statement, and we further get to know a student’s learner profile in our academic interviews.





Subject Name
Degree Area
Creative Writing
English & Media
Data Science
Computing & ICT
Society & Social Sciences
English Literature and/or Language
English & Media
Society & Social Sciences
History of Art
Society & Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary Study of Global Challenges
Society & Social Sciences
International Relations
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences
Liberal Arts Only
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Society & Social Sciences
Philosophy Politics and Economics
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences

We encourage and support all our students to gain work experience while studying with us, be that via part time work, or summer internships. Our students have access to a personalised career provision, with our excellent careers team supporting them in making and executing their career plans. We do not currently accept work experience as a credit-bearing part of our degrees.

We welcome applications from intellectually curious, independent thinkers who will flourish studying our academically challenging and broader liberal arts-inspired curriculum.

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