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Applying to Universita Bocconi in Italy in 2023 - Webinar

Wednesday 15th June, 5:00pm BST

For many British students Bocconi no longer requires much of an introduction. An increasingly popular choice for students interested in economics and the social sciences, from 2023 Bocconi will also offer a Bachelor's degree in Global Law.

This webinar focuses on how and when to apply to the university. We will be joined by Elisa Raveglia of the Guidance and Recruitment Office of the university. Current British students will also be invited to share their experiences at the university, offering students an excellent opportunity to learn everything they need to know.

As the early admission window will close in September, it is really important for students who are determined to study at Bocconi to be planning their application during the summer holiday. This webinar is designed not only for students who are sure they want to study at Bocconi but also for those who might be considering it as one of their choices in 2023 or 2024.

Last year's version of this webinar has been viewed over 5,000 times on YouTube and can still be found there. However, there is no alternative to being able to get your own questions answered, not to mention the fact that the admissions process this year has changed in some important respects.

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