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Get into Dentistry Conference

Dental Mentor is running a FREE, live, virtual Get into Dentistry Conference on:

Sunday 29th May 2pm - 5:30pm.

Just in time for UCAS Season, this conference will guide students through everything they need to do to make their application to Dentistry stand out.

This includes:

- Application timelines

- UCAS and CV Building

- Awards and Scholarships

- Getting Dentistry Work Experience

- Dental Leadership Programmes

- Personal Statements

- Dentistry School Interviews

Cameras need to be switched on and a parent/guardian must stay with the student for the duration of the conference for safeguarding purposes.

All Dentists at the free virtual Get into Dentistry Conference will be taking any questions students or parents have about the application process or what it means to study Dentistry and work as a Dentist.

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