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IE Junior Advisory Board 2024


Title: Junior Advisory Board 2024: Humanities, Technologies, and Temporalities

About: This advisory board welcomes 15 outstanding students from around the world to voice their vision for the future. You will participate in engaging and enriching workshops, conferences, interactive sessions, and teambuilding exercises. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute your ideas and develop tools for the next generation.

Reward: If you are 1 of the 15 students selected to be on the board, you will receive an 80% scholarship to IE university, providing that you successfully pass the admissions process.

How to Apply: You are required to submit a 5-minute video pitch supported by a presentation to respond to the following question:

"Move fast and break things". For several years, that ethos dominated Silicon Valley. But what is something that shouldn't be broken, and how do we protect and preserve it?

You will also be required to submit your CV, academic transcripts from the last 2 years and a letter of recommendation.

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply you must be in IB1 and wanting to start university in 2025.

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