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Interested in Business? Want to develop some skills and experience?

Join our 3 month Bachelor Degree Foundation Programme, learn all about business and work on the 5 key skills needed for today’s dynamic environment:

1. Empathetic Exchange

2. Strategic Thinking

3. Time Management/Results Orientation

4. Grit, Passion, Investment

5. Communication

On this pre-university Programme, you undertake courses that teach you the fundamentals of business. More importantly, you develop character and create habits that will allow you to find your niche in business, entrepreneurship, sustainability or disruption. You then get to put those skills and business knowledge to use, through experiential learning in the real world.

Part of a Gap Year or a Summer Experience ahead of University

Choose between semi or fully customised options and complete your Programme from September to January, February to May or with an intense Summer Term option in June and July (join us in June 2022 and use your Summer to get ahead).

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