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Syracuse University Pre-College Programs

Updated: Apr 19

About Syracuse University Pre-College Summer Programs

Syracuse University is a large, fun campus served by local airports or 5 hours by train from New York City. There are a wide range of programs on offer giving you a taster of undergraduate degrees, for which they are particularly renowned in architecture and communications, media and public relations.

Throughout your time with Syracuse, you will:

  • Build a resume or portfolio

  • Enhance your college application to stand out to college admissions

  • Test out a major before committing to an undergraduate degree.

  • Earn a certificate of complete a Syracuse university credit.

The courses on offer are:

  • Architecture

  • Art & Design

  • Business, Finance & Leadership

  • College Prep

  • Communications & Journalism

  • Computer Science & Journalism

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Economics & Law

  • Engineering

  • Film & Photography

  • History, Religion & Political Science

  • Math & Statistics

  • Psychology, Social Sciences & Humanities

  • Science, Medicine & Nutrition

  • Sound Engineering

  • Sport Studies

  • Theatre & Music

  • Writing & Literature

The deadline is approaching, 1st May 2024, so now is the perfect time to sit down and make your application!

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