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Introducing Online Bachelor in Computer Science

We are making a most sought-after program in Computer Science and Software Engineering an online one.

The program will give the chance to more students, who do not have the opportunity to attend Jacobs University in person, to develop skills in software engineering, programming, and modern computer science and kickstart their global careers from anywhere. The teaching is conducted via the state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) provided by SIT Alemira, leveraging an active approach to knowledge discovery through problem-based learning, virtual study groups, and peer evaluation and mentoring.


The application is online and free of charge. The application deadline is June 1st. A motivational statement about choosing an online program is required as part of the application. Only 30 spots are available.


The pioneering cohort will benefit from reduced tuition (50%) of only 2 500 € per year.


The program is a regular German Bachelor of Science degree and lasts for 3 years. All classes are online. After graduation the student can apply for a job search visa for Germany.

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