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Materials Science and Engineering taster session | Wed 17 Nov 4pm - 5pm GMT | Online

Materials Science and Engineering taster session

Introduction to Materials Science - Superalloys: Metallic Superheroes

When: Wednesday 17 November 2021, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Age Group: IB1/IB2 Year 12, Year 13, A Level

Places are limited, book your place to avoid disappointment.

Materials Science and Engineering brings together the best bits of chemistry, physics, maths, biology and engineering, and finds out how they interact. In this Taster Session, you will hear from Kathy, one of our lecturers in Metallurgy, who will talk to you about Superalloys, with Amanda delivering a follow up task on how the combination of materials can make them stronger.

Students can participate with the mini task live if they have a KitKat Chunky and a Twirl to hand. The task can be carried out afterwards if the chocolate bars are not available.

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