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Modern Languages Lecture: Using your modern language skills for interpreting & subtitling


Date: Wednesday 26th April 2023 Time: 12:45-13:45 BST Location: Online


About the Lecture

Lecturer in Interpreting and Translation, Dr Sharon Black, and Associate Professor in Spanish and Applied Linguistics, Dr Carlos De Pablos-Ortega, from the University of East Anglia, are hosting an interactive lecture on interpreting and subtitling. During the lecture, you will explore ways in which people use their knowledge of languages and cultures to translate films through subtitles. You will use practical examples to unpick the skills which subtitlers and interpreters needs to do this. You will also explore some of the latest technologies that they use to support their jobs.

Who is this lecture for?

Students in IB1 & IB2 who are interested in studying Modern Languages or other related disciplines at university.

Please do not register to attend if you have any lessons or other pre-planned activities that may overlap with this lecture.

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