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New Campus Majors/Programs for Fall 2024

UC Berkeley

  • Computing, Data Science, and Society

  • Educational Sciences (Major)


  • Public Health (Major)

  • Disability Studies (Major)

  • Statistics & Data Science (previously Statistics)

  • Music Industry (previously Music History & Industry)

UC Merced

  • Chemical Engineering (Major)

  • Data Science and Computing (Major)

  • Data Science and Analytics (Major)

  • Environmental Humanities (Major)

  • Public Health B.S.

UC San Diego

  • Aerospace Engineering major with specialisation in:

- Aerothermodynamics

- Astrodynamics and Space Applications

- Flight Dynamics and Controls

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics (Major)

  • Mathematical Biology (Major)

UC Santa Cruz

  • Creative Technologies (Major)

  • Latin American and Latino Studies/Education, Democracy and Justice (Major)

  • Math Theory and Computation (Major)

  • Microbiology (Major)

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