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Pharmacy Taster Lecture from Swansea University | 2 Feb 18:00 GMT

Unsure of what subject you’d like to study at University?

Our Current News Webinar Series takes place at various times throughout the year to give you a flavour of the different subjects that we offer.

These are a fantastic way to get a feel for what university lectures are like, explore several subjects of interest to start narrowing down your choices and have a great experience to mention on your personal statement. Live sessions allow you to interact with our academics and get all your questions answered.



18:00 - 19:00 GMT


Join us for the history of cannabis, the difference between THC and CBD and the licensed cannabis-based medicinal products in the UK. We'll discuss the evidence behind the medical use of cannabis, the risks associated with this, and the facts and myths related to cannabis in the Pharmaceutical field.

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