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Physics: Lab to Life 2022 - in person lecture

This event is aimed at adults and young people (age 14+ yrs) who are curious about the applications of physics. No background knowledge in physics is required and you will have the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

About the event

At the Department of Physics, our research spans everything from the tiniest particles to the entire cosmos, but we don’t just leave the ideas scrawled on blackboards, hidden on hard drives or tucked into unfathomable scientific papers. We take our research and make it work for you. For one night every year, we open our doors to show you how we shift our physics from the lab into your life.

You can tour the laboratories where the science is happening now, from next-generation solar cells to quantum computers. Researchers will give talks exploring how they have transformed their work into technology and there will be lots of demonstrations and time for Q&A where you can investigate more of these science stories, pick the brains of the researchers behind them, and uncover how physics is changing your life.

Research areas

We will be covering a wealth of topics during the evening – here are just some of them:

  • quantum computing

  • the future of solar-cells for renewable energy

  • the impact of citizen science

  • how cells use, protect and copy DNS

  • climate science

  • accelerators


Registration is required for this event. Due to the safety requirements in our labs this event is for people age 14+ years only.

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