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Preparing for the PAT Course


Date: June - October 2023 Time: 18:30-20:00 BST Location: Online

Cost: Free


Why take this course?

The aim has been designed by the University of Oxford to develop your problem solving and mathematical thinking skills which will be neccessary when taking the Physics Aptitude Test. If you are thinking of applying for Physics, Physics & Philosophy, Engineering, or Material Science at the University of Oxford, then you will need to sit the PAT.

What will the structure of the course look like?

The course will commence from June and run through to October. Provisional dates can be seen below, however these are subject to change:

20th June - Study focus 1 webinar

27th June - Study focus 1 solutions webinar

4th July - Study focus 2 webinar

11th July - Study focus 2 solutions webinar

12th July - Assignment 1 available

26th July - Assignment 2 available

9th August - Assignment 3 available

12th September - Study focus 3

19th September - Study focus 3 solutions

26th September - Study focus 4

3rd October - Study focus 4 solutions


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