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Psychology insight4me Event - Psychopathology


Monday 2nd October 2023 11:00-12:00 BST Online Event


About the insight4me Event

Dr Jo Bower, Lecturer from the University of East Anglia is hosting a lecture titled 'Sleep on it and feel better in the morning? The influence of sleep on our mental health'. This lecture will consider how sleep changes our emotional responding and this is important for the relationship between sleep and mental health.

Dr Lucy Oldfield, Senior Lecturer from Goldsmiths University of London is hosting a lecture titled 'Behavioural Experiments'. This lecture will discuss how behavioural experiments are an important tool in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and treatment for OCD, depression, and anxiety.

Who is this event for?

This event is suitable for any students who are interested in studying Psychology or other related disciplines at university.

Please do not register to attend if you have any lessons or other pre-planned activities that may overlap with this event.

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