SIT & JUB Insights in Technology Conference | Online | 15-16 Dec 2021

Our upcoming SIT & JUB Insights in Technology Conference should be of interest to students interested in Quantum Physics and Technologies, Machine Intelligence, Advanced Materials and Data Sciences.

Interested students can register for free and get the chance to interact and learn from industry leaders including a Nobel prize winner, professors from some of the world's top universities such as Stanford, Cambridge, National University of Singapore and professors and alumni of Jacobs University.

Here are some of the conference highlights to look forward to:

  • Meet internationally renowned industry leaders

  • Hear from industry leaders on emerging quantum computing

  • Gain a sneak peek into what the future of Smart Cities will look like thanks to machine intelligence (MI), autonomous technology and more!

  • Join public talks by professional speakers including a 2010 Nobel Prize winner, Konstantin Novoselov.

  • Participate in engaging workshops and gain unique access to industry trends and insights.

  • Access firsthand knowledge with 10+ hours of talks.

  • Ask all your questions during the Q&A sessions.

Don’t miss out on the chance to gain unique access and hear from industry leaders on the latest science, tech and business trends.

When: December 15th and 16th, 2021

Where: Jacobs University Bremen or online

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