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Student for a Day Bachelor's Programs at Tilburg University 11 April 2022

11 April 2022



Student for a day Bachelor's programs

If you have a program in mind or you're considering various options, you should join one or more of our Student for a day event(s). Attend a variety of mini-lectures starting April 11, and find out which study program is the right one for you.

What to expect?

Immerse yourself in a Bachelor's program by attending a Student for a day event.

  • Join one or more mini-lecture(s) with other prospective students, experiencing what it's like to attend a lecture at our university.

  • Ask our students and teachers all your questions to find out whether the study program meets your expectations.

Please note that to have a complete understanding of the content of a Bachelor's program, we advise you to visit the Open day, a Live Today webinar or look at the program information on our website.

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