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The University of Melbourne expands scholarships for international students

We've recently expanded our scholarships and support programs to acknowledge the impact and challenges students have faced during the pandemic. These new and expanded initiatives will make it easier for talented students from all over the world to start or complete their education at the University of Melbourne. We hope that these expanded scholarships and student support and wellbeing initiatives will help you reach new audiences and make Melbourne possible for more students. To recap, some highlights from the expanded support for international students are:

  • Melbourne Welcome Grant. A new one-off AU$4,000 bursary plus a special welcome pack to support new and current international students arriving and returning to Australia when border closures and travel restrictions ease. This package has been designed to help with international travel costs and assist students in getting settled and connected in our local community. Students arriving under the Victoria International Student Arrivals Plan will also be eligible for this grant.

  • University accommodation’s No Travel, No Stress policy allows students to confidentially book their student accommodation at one of our trusted accommodation options without having to worry about paying rent if travel restrictions make it impossible for them to travel to Melbourne. In such a scenario, the student’s accommodation agreement is suspended until it is possible for them to safely travel to Melbourne.

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