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UChicago Virtual Model Classes in Feb 2022

Interested in experiencing a UChicago class? Why wait! UChicago is hosting several upcoming virtual model classes that will introduce you to exciting topics and UChicago’s Life of the Mind atmosphere. In the coming weeks, our professors will teach model classes covering neuroscience, economics, and data science. We welcome you and any interested family members to join in on these classes!

UChicago Virtual Model Classes in February 2022

*All times are noted in local Chicago time (CST/CDT)— please register in advance using the links below!

Join us for a model class with Shannon Heald, Assistant Instructional Professor in Psychology and the College. Professor Heald is a graduate of the University of Chicago (AB'03, AM'05, PhD'12) and will discuss her personal academic journey at The University of Chicago, as well as her current work in the College.

Join us for a model class with Professor Megan McNulty, Associate Senior Instructional Professor in the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division. Professor McNulty's model class will draw upon her undergraduate Neuroscience course for non-Neuroscience majors.


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