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Why visiting a college is so important

We’re continuing our “Admission 101: Guiding You Through the College Admission Process” series with a blog post and tip sheet containing insight into making the most of campus visits. Many colleges offer a variety of in-person and virtual information sessions and tours. As you know, this is a great way for your students to determine whether a school is right for them.

Summer is a great time to visit college campuses and Bentley offers on-campus tours, information sessions, as well as interviews, throughout the entire summer.

"One of the most important things about choosing a college or a university is finding the right fit, and it’s hard to do this without seeing the school for yourself. Although it can take time, money, effort and planning on your part, it’s definitely worth making the trip.

You can find out just about everything on the Internet, but you can’t get that tangible experience — what we refer to as “the feel” of the school — until you walk on campus and see the buildings, residence halls, classrooms, athletic facilities, and dining halls......

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