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Nagoya University of Commerce and Business

The case method is at the core of the NUCB Undergraduate school academic experience. The case method is an MBA-style learning methodology built on learning by doing which aims to prepare students for strategic decision-making in companies through the practice of real situations.

About the institution

Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, the first generation private university in Japan, was founded in 1935 by Yuichi Kurimoto, who was the first Japanese person to graduate from the University of Alberta in 1930 and the founder of the Kurimoto Educational Institution (KEI). Over the last 80 years, the university has become known worldwide as a premier educational institution.

NUCB was the first undergraduate school in Japan, and part of only 5% of business schools worldwide to hold the prestigious AACSB accreditation. The school is also accredited by JIHEE and approved by the Ministry of Education (MEXT) to grant Bachelor degrees.

The school is located in Greater Nagoya, Japan's third most populous city and home to the country's greatest concentration of automobile, fine ceramics, aerospace, and other high-tech industries. Known as the transportation hub of the country, making travel to other destinations fast and easy. Furthermore, the Chubu Centrair International Airport is easily accessible from the city center and is functioning as a convenient transit point for domestic flights and a key aerial gateway to overseas.

Our picturesque Nisshin Nagakute campus is home to over 3,000 students with approximately 10% of international students from over 35 nationalities, offering a diverse community full of global talent. The school has exchange agreements with over 100 world-class universities across more than 40 countries with a growing number of Double Degree partners.

Our mission, guided by a 'Frontier Spirit', is to develop leaders and entrepreneurs with a global perspective, advanced management skills, and high ethical standards that will equip them to succeed in bridging the gap between New Asia and the rest of the world.


Number of Undergraduate Students


Average Undergraduate Class Size


Size of Instituition

Small Institution <5000


Selective (25-50% admitted)

Campus Style

Suburban Campus: Our main campus is 1.5x the Size of Tokyo Disneyland

Education Model

100% Case Study Method.

Are there internship opportunities?


Are there study abroad options?

Yes and it gives you credits for graduation.

Cost of Tuition



Merit based scholarships available - discount on tuition, discount on rent, IB Scholarship, free MacBook Air, Small government scholarships and more

IB Grade Requirements

No specific IB Requirement. Scholarship awards look for 32/42

UFP Grade Requirements

Accepted - we look for best fit in our holistic admissions process





Subject Name
Degree Area
Accounting & Finance
Business and Management
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences
Liberal Arts Only
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Society & Social Sciences
Society & Social Sciences

Student Voices

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