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Cuppa with a Scientist Podcast

About the Podcast

Are you looking for a new podcast to listen to in your spare time? Cuppa with a Scientist have created numerous podcasts discussing some of Loughborough's academic stars' career journeys all the way from higher school up to their current leading position in their field, with some interesting life stories along the way.

Who is featured in the podcasts?

  • Political Communication Scientist

  • Freshwater Scientist

  • Biological Anthropologist

  • Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology

  • Cognitive Psychologist

  • Physicist

  • Extreme Weather Scientist

  • Physiology of Ageing Scientist

  • Gender and Health Psychologist

  • Health Psychologist

  • Conversation Analyst

  • Climate Scientist

How can I access the podcast?

All podcasts are available on Loughborough University website which you can find using the link below. They are available on demand meaning you can listen to them at a time convenient to you.


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