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Destination Engineer Summer School 2022 at the University of Bristol

About this programme

Engineers create an enormous range of life-enhancing and valuable products, from silicon chips to aeroplanes to skyscrapers. Based in our laboratories and workshops, you will work in small teams with our staff to research, design, build and test a variety of objects. The emphasis will be on creativity and hands-on practical skills. You will present your work to a panel of experts who will assess it and give you feedback.

We will describe some projects for you to carry out in our laboratories and workshops. These will combine any of aerospace, civil, electrical, electronic or mechanical engineering. For example, you may be creating and testing models of a building to withstand earthquakes, a wind turbine to generate electricity, a self-guiding vehicle, or an intelligent machine to play a game. All projects will include these elements:

  • Design Collaborating with other students and teaching staff, design an object that will fulfil the project description.

  • Build Using our workshop facilities, and with assistance from our staff, build your design.

  • Test Try out your design, and look for ways to improve its performance.

  • Present Describe your design and the results from your tests, and show what you have learned. Our staff will give you feedback on your work, plus prizes for the best projects.

Programme Dates: Sunday 24 July to Saturday 6 August 2022

Programme Fee: £2,995 including accommodation and half board meal package (breakfast and dinner)

Application Deadline: 1 June 2022

Requirements: 16 or over at the time of the summer school and studying Maths and Physics at Level 3 (IB/A-Level). You must also be interested in studying a degree in any branch of engineering in the future.

This programme is designed for international students, but we also welcome applications from the UK.

How to apply:

To apply, you will need to complete our short application form and submit:

  • an academic reference from a teacher or instructor

  • a short (maximum 250 words) statement answering the question: 'Why are you applying for Destination Engineer and how does it relate to your current and future goals?'

  • evidence of your English language skills (if relevant).

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