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Geography insight4me session - Global Commons


Monday 9th October 2023 16:15-17:15 BST Online Webinar


About the insight4me session

Professor Chris Philo from the University of Glasgow will present a talk titled 'Tragedies of the Commons'. This talk to introduce you to 'the commons', discuss the historical roots, and threats to it in both the British countryside and colonies.

Professor Neil Ward from the University of East Anglia will then present a talk titled 'The Food System and the Global Commons'. This talk will examine how emissions contribute globally to global climate change and the ways in which our systems of food production and consumption bring pressures on land use, climate, and public health.

Who is this talk suitable for?

Any students in IB1 & IB2 who are interested in studying Geography or other related disciplines at university.

Please do not register to attend if you have any lessons or other pre-planned activities that may overlap with this webinar.


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