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insight4me Chemistry Session

Date: Tuesday 28th November 2023

Time: 15:35-16:35 GMT

Location: Online Webinar

About the insight4me event

Dr Rianne M Lord from the University of East Anglia will present Metals in Medicine. This talk will give you an overview of metals and metal-based drugs, giving you insight into their medicinal history and their properties. You will also see how new cheaper metal-based drugs for targeted cancer treatment are being developed.

Professor Darren Walsh from the University of Nottingham will then present metals in Next-Generation Batteries. This talk will discuss efforts to move forward towards more sustainable metals for batteries, the challenges involved, and new advances in inorganic chemistry.

Suitability: Students in IB1 & IB2 who are interested in studying Chemistry or other related disciplines at university.

Please do not register to attend if you have any lessons or other pre-planned activities that may overlap with this session.

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