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Mock Interviews for Medical, Veterinary and Dental schools in the UK (MMI & Panel)

What do we offer?

Meducators UK are proud to announce our Mock Interviews Online (MMI & Panel).

Medical, Veterinary and Dental school interviews for the next academic year are soon approaching and we know exactly how daunting interviews can be. This is why our team of qualified doctors, dentists and veterinary surgeons have carefully designed Online Mock Interviews via Zoom/Teams in order to give students an opportunity to practice their interview skills in a setting that emulates the real experience.

Our examiners provide invaluable personalised feedback for each interview station to help guide preparation in the right direction. We will also be sharing tips and tricks that will help to set students apart from other candidates!

How does it work?

The MMI Workshops will be held between November 2021 – February 2022.

The dates for these workshops will be allocated according to student availability/when their university interviews are released.

Student highlights:

  • 6 detailed pages of individual feedback tailored specifically to your performance for each station and global score

  • Group feedback from each examiner at the end of the workshop; highlighting common mistakes and do’s/don’ts for each station/topic

  • Opportunity to ask real medical, veterinary and dental professionals for any further advice/questions

Follow up Zoom call on request for any questions you have after receiving feedback

Cost: £75*

* Cost correct at time of publication

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