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Music taster session - Mozart's Requiem: Facts, Fictions, Legends

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Thursday 30 June 2022, 3.45pm - 5.15pm

The University of Sheffield

Mozart's Requiem: Facts, Fictions, Legends

While it is often thought that music-historical facts generate interpretations, the reality can be much more complex. Mozart's Requiem, famously left incomplete at the composer's death in 1791, is a fascinating case in point, shrouded in mysteries and legends that stimulated all kinds of musical and non-musical reactions and interpretations in the nineteenth century and beyond. We continue to live with the legacy of fiction and legend around the work, which Professor Keefe argues is not a negative state of affairs (as is so often suggested), but a positive one. By embracing legends and myths, we learn more about what the work has meant collectively to us.

This taster session is suitable for students with an interest in studying Music at university who are currently in Year 11/Pre-IB, 12/IB1, 13/IB2 or on a gap year

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