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Social Sciences Webinar | Wed 24 Nov 15:30 GMT

What are the Social Sciences and

what can you do with a Social Science degree?

Wednesday 24 November


Social Science subjects are shaped by the people that study them, and their ambition to make an impact on the world. This means that whether you’re interested in Sociology, Politics, Demography, Criminology, Economics, or another subject, the study of Social Sciences will encourage you to ask how you can make a difference.

Join us on Wednesday 24 November at 15:30 GMT to hear from our University of Southampton academics and find out:

• What are the Social Sciences subjects?

• How can you be inspired to take your chosen subject to the next level?

• And, how you can apply your study at degree level and beyond.

After our exciting and informative presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of our academic panel in the live Q&A that follows the presentation.


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