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Career Experience Programs Autumn 2021 for students aged 12-18

We are delighted to announce the launch of our autumn term career experience programmes, which students can register for now.

Our programmes empower students aged 12-18 to take charge of their futures through live, interactive and hands-on sessions with top professionals.

Students can choose from 28 careers and attend either in-person across 5 UK cities or live online.

We expect to be fully-booked for our Young Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer, Investment Banker, Software Engineer and Psychologist programmes by 30th September.

Places are highly limited so early registration is advisable!

St. Clare's Students are eligible for a 10% discount code - please contact Melanie or Helen for details

Programs include:

  • Young Doctor

  • Young Engineer

  • Young Lawyer

  • Young Investment Banker

  • Young Psychologist

  • Young Accountancy

  • Young Architect

  • Young Artist

  • Young Cyber Security

  • Young Data Science

  • Young Dentist

  • Young Entrepreneur

  • Young Environmentalist

  • Young Fashion Designer

  • Young Filmmaker

  • Young Forensic Scientist

  • Young International Development Expert

  • Young Journalist

  • Young Management Consultant

  • Young Marketing Manager

  • Young Music Producer

  • Young Nurse

  • Young Political Leader

  • Young Software Engineer

  • Young Sports Professional

  • Young Vet

  • Young Video Game Designer

  • Young Writer


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