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Design Lab: AI

30th May - 2nd June 2024

On Campus, NYU Abu Dhabi

About the Design Lab

NYU Abu Dhabi Design Lab is a 3-day residential immersive experience inviting you to collaborate with other like minded students on solutions to global challenges. You will have the opportunity to use and develop your critical thinking skills, learn research and design thinking technique, and use artificial intelligence to solve problems.

Who is this design lab suitable for?

Students in Pre-IB and IB1.

What is the application process?

You will need to submit the following documents:

  1. A copy of your Pre-IB (or equivalent) and IB1 transcript

  2. Proof of English proficiency

  3. 250-word project proposal on how technological breakthroughs impact our daily lives.

  4. 150-word essay on the importance of a global college experience.

  5. Parent Consent & Release Forms if accepted onto the program


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