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History Essay Competition

Deadline: Friday 26th April 2024 @ 17:00 GMT

The University of Sheffield are hosting a history essay competition giving History students the opportunity to to write about a topic that interests them.


Students in IB1 who are studying history. The competition is limited to 2 entries per school, therefore please consult a member of the careers team before you apply to ensure there is still space available for you to enter.


The winner will receive £100 and two runners-up will receive £25 each.

You must submit an essay for one of the following question titles:

  1. How ‘Roman’ was the Roman Empire? 

  2. Was Alfred the Great great? 

  3. How complete was the Norman Conquest? 

  4. Were the Vikings primarily traders or raiders? 

  5. How central were religious imperatives in the Spanish Conquest? 

  6. How important is it to reframe the English Civil War as a war of three kingdoms? 

  7. Why did England become involved in the Atlantic slave-trade during the seventeenth century? 

  8. Can historians ever truly understand the experiences and perspectives of enslaved African Americans? 

  9. Does childhood have a history? 

  10. ‘The most important consequences of the French Revolution were in Haiti’. Discuss. 

  11. Was the First World War the first ‘global’ conflict? 

  12. Did women have a political voice in Britain before 1918? 

  13. Is it fair to call Stalin a ‘new tsar’?  

  14. Evaluate the roles of women in the Third Reich.

  15. Should historians extend the chronological boundaries of the American Civil Rights Movement beyond the 1950s and the 60s? 

  16. Did Mao Zedong lay the foundation for China’s rapid development?

  17. Did 1960s Britain experience a cultural revolution?

  18. ‘South African apartheid was ended not by the decisions of a few great men, but by the actions of ordinary people.’ Do you agree with this interpretation? 

  19. Why did all the ‘insane asylums’ close in Britain? 

  20. What can historians learn from the humour of past societies?

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