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Human Rights in the Age of AI Challenge | IE University | Scholarship Competition February 2022

At IE University, we look for adaptive learners, ready to face unexpected challenges of all types. Therefore, we are launching a series of Global Challenges for you to creatively address and develop innovative ideas that could make a difference! The winners will have the opportunity to gain an exclusive scholarship (up to 50% off tuition) to study at IE University.


Although artificial intelligence (AI) brings many benefits to society, its use also raises some concerns about fundamental rights, such as the right to privacy, freedom of expression, data protection, etc. Therefore, governments and policymakers need to promote innovation and technological development, while protecting the rights of citizens.

Where is the right balance between technological development and the protection of human rights? Should all countries approach it in the same way?

If you are meticulous, with a strong sense of justice and your goal is to make your mark in this technological society, this is your Challenge!

The United Nations International Law Commission is preparing a draft convention to ensure that the use of AI technologies safeguards human rights enshrined in the United Nations human rights conventions. In this simulation, you will develop a proposal representing the interests of the country assigned to you, with the aim of reaching an international agreement that regulates AI to preserve the rule of law, as well as human rights.

You will attend a first session that will help you understand the particularities of international law, the future of technological regulations and how to influence the world through law. In the second session, you will develop your critical and creative skills and, finally, you will have to present your draft in the final session, where a jury will choose the winners of the challenge.


February 5 and February 19, 2022


High school students who will start university in 2022. Participation is individual


Online sessions (Zoom)

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