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Law Work Experience and Careers Day - Saturday May 7th 2022 - Online is for any student aged 14-17 who wants to experience different careers or gain work experience in their chosen field.

Law Work Experience and Careers Day

Saturday, May 7th 2022


Online 11am - 4pm

Join us for a work experience and careers day all about law.

The day begins at 11am and you will learn all about careers in law, from the different fields of law you may go into such as employment law, family law, intellectual property law and everything in between, you’ll hear from solicitors at top law firms about what the career really entails.

We’ll of course spend a lot of time charting your path to a career in law, from what GCSE’s & A-levels/IB HL's you should be considering to how to secure that elusive place in law school. In the afternoon we’ll delve into a commercial case study where you will help advise a client involved in a real-life merger. Later, you’ll help solve an interactive legal problem to determine whether the legal test for murder has been met for a set of facts. This will give you an understanding of how the basis of all law works and will provide you with public speaking skills, argument construction skills and a real idea of what law entails. It’s our aim that by the end of the day you’ll know all the theory of applying to law and have some great law work experience to use in your applications and interviews to law school.

We have bursaries available for UK and International students to enable them to attend our courses without charge or at a reduced cost. There are 150 free places available each year & a further 100 at a reduced cost for those students requiring financial help.

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