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Social Science focus 29 June - Degrees to Save the World Webinar Series

Are you ready to save the world? Join University of Southampton on campus in June for a brand-new programme of activity, designed to demonstrate how we are preparing our undergraduates with the knowledge and skills to help tackle some of the world's greatest challenges.

We are running five days of on-campus activity from 27 June until 1 July 2022. Each day will include a variety of taster sessions on different topics all linking to the overarching theme of sustainability.

Wednesday 29 June: Social Science focus

This day focuses on a broad range of Social Science perspectives by highlighting how individuals and societies affect the world. We will cover exciting topics such as predictive policing, population growth and poverty.

Join us on Campus on Wednesday 29th June 2022 to learn more about the challenges facing Earth's inhabitants and how, by studying one of these key degree areas, you could help save the world. The day will run from 09.15 – 15.45 and participants will be able to choose four sessions on the day, covering the following degree subjects:

  • Sociology

  • Criminology

  • Economics

  • Business

  • Politics

  • Education

  • Human Geography

  • Population Geography

  • Law

The recordings of the "Degrees to save the World" webinar series are now live on the website to view at your leisure.


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