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Young Writer Competition - Goldsmiths, University of London

Updated: May 20, 2022

Goldsmiths' Young Writer competitions are open for registration; Are you the next Young Anthropologist or Young Writer?

A 1,000-word essay competition for those interested in issues of identity and culture. This year's question is "What does the food you eat and how you eat it say about you and/or your culture?"

A 1,000-word short fiction competition for creative writers and storytellers. Your story can be about anything you like, but it must include a set of elements that will be revealed to you once you've registered. These could be a title, line of dialogue, or object.

The submission deadline for both is 1 August 2022

To enter you must be 16-18 and currently studying in a UK school.

The winner of each competition will win £1,000, with prizes for runners-up and shortlisted entries.

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