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9-16 Oct 2021 | Discover your Bachelor's at the University of Amsterdam

Interested in doing your Bachelor's in Amsterdam?

At the UvA Bachelor's week 9 - 16 October 2021, you can explore your options and find out which programme suits you best. You can register for live Meet & Ask sessions, watch our videos to find out more about admissions, housing and living in Amsterdam, and read student blogs with tips and ideas for your studies at the UvA.

There are Subject information sessions held in English for the following subjects:

  • Actuarial Science and Econometrics

  • Ancient Studies

  • Archaeology

  • Business Administration

  • Business Analytics

  • Communication Science

  • Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

  • Economics and Business Economics

  • English Language and Culture

  • European Studies

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Linguistics

  • Literary and Cultural Analysis

  • Media and Culture

  • Media and Information

  • Political Science

  • Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics

  • Psychology

  • Sign Language Linguistics

  • Sociology


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