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Free Online Short Courses

The University of York have lots of free online short courses available for you to complete. Some courses are self-guided and others are tutor facilitated. Please see below for what courses are available:

Mathematics of Cryptography

Pubs: History, Consumers, Management and Protection

Business History of the FIFA World Cup

Enterprise: Everyone's Business

Exploring Stone Age Archaeology

The Language of Truth

An Introduction to Nursing

Tackling Environmental Challenges

Intelligent Systems

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

Accents, Attitudes and Identity

Bugs, Brains and Beasts

Behavioural Activation for Depression

Lights, Camera, Computer - Action!

Frontier Physics, Future Technologies


How To Read A Poem

Poverty and Inequality

Exploring Everyday Chemistry

From Crime to Punishment

Engineering the Future

Pictures of Youth

An Introduction to Art History

Digital Wellbeing

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