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Neuroscience: A Tour of the Human Brain in 5 Recent Discoveries

Wednesday 17th January 2024

11:10 - 12:00 GMT

Online Talk

About the Talk

Professor William Penny from the University of East Anglia is hosting an interactive talk titled A Tour of the Human Brain in 5 Recent Discoveries. You will have the opportunity to learn about the recent advances in human brain science, including how specialised neurons are now thought to underlie relational thinking, how events are replayed at high speed during sleep and quiet wakefulness, and new discoveries in treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Who is this talk suitable for?

Students in IB1 & IB2 who are interested in studying, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, or other related disciplines at university.

Please do not register to attend if you have any lessons or other pre-planned activities which may overlap with this talk.


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