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Engineering/Design: Iterative Design – Balancing Process and Creativity

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

In this live interactive Engineering/Design tutorial, we will be joined by Dr Yogesh Jayant Bhalerao, a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Design in the School of Engineering at UEA, who will explore Iterative Design – Balancing Process and Creativity.

Dr Bhalerao will discuss interactive design, creativity and applications in Engineering, presenting a design problem for you to consider before the live tutorial in which he will collaboratively work through potential solutions proposed by the audience. The full context/introduction to this live and interactive discussion is provided by the university in a Headliner recorded resource (see below). This recording can be watched as a class activity or independently in preparation for the discussion.

The session aims to deepen students’ understanding of the topic whilst enabling them to access and experience a live online university tutorial.

The Headliner recording will appear below at least 2 weeks prior to the live event.

Iterative Design – Balancing Process and Creativity Headliner to Appear here.


Date: June 13

Time: 15:35 - 16:20

Event Categories: Architecture Art & Design, Engineering, HE Application & Student Life

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